Saturday, May 16, 2009

State of the art IT system to be introduced

Let and Stay has embarked on an ambitious revamp of their IT system offering a myriad of (free) benefits to landlords and tenants alike. They have partnered with an international group to offer the following benefits with this new system:

Landlords will be able to log online and in real time view 24/7;
  • Tenants in their properties.

  • Disbursement history.

  • Property inspection reports with photos.

  • Investment reports such as vacancy rates and extra charges vs income.

  • Online statements

  • Updating of details and correspondence with Let and Stay.

  • and much more...

Tenants would be able to log online and view their payment history, extra charges levied, outstanding amounts due, updating of personal details, property inspection reports with comments and several other features.

The system is truly state of the art and will give Let and Stay the opportunity to offer its clients a 21st century, online solution, as a value added benefit.

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